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Frank James
Husband of Ms. V

AllWell Natural Health
Gaylord, MI.

 Well good folks, we had the privilege of experiencing another round of brutal armed robberies, courtesy of SANE, the Michigan State Police and all their sweaty juiced up minions.   Nothing like having three guns stuck in my wife’s face demanding her money!  Wait a minute, did you just demand her money?  Are you actually going to shoot my 98lb wife in the face for the $3 she has on her?

 I also have the ability to detect when a psycho is in my mist…  I was surrounded by them.  That is a scary situation. (And please don’t shoot my friends either!)

 These guys took everything.  Natural health products, clearly labeled, professionally, as to what they were.  Kratom, Hemp CBD products, everything.  Yet they marked everything as THC.   All the while screaming in our faces that we are the worse form of life. (Please stop sweating on me)  That we are enabling child molesters, rapists, murderers and all the lowest form out there, providing the most dangerous drug known to man.  By the way, they also believe that EVERY cardholder in the state is a criminal and should be in prison.

Sometimes in life truly stupid individuals cross your path and make a significant impact on your being.   The science is in that medical marijuana has many, many medicinal properties and can be associated with relieving the suffering of so many people and these animals claim they don’t know this… Who gave these ass-clowns guns?  The cops all juiced up, and the morons that gave them badges and guns should all be locked up for terrorizing the sick and innocent VALID CARDHOLDERS of Michigan. These sweaty juicers terrorize, brutalize and turn innocent people into criminals in the name of robbing them, then charge them for having a legal plant, all to justify their criminal activity.   It doesn’t take a squad of gun toting thugs to rob a marijuana user…  Just walk in and wake them up and take their bag of chips, no need to destroy their lives and their homes…  Please don’t shoot them either, no guns are needed!!!!!

Is this what the citizens of Michigan voted for?  I do not think so.  If they did, I haven’t met one.  I’ve heard it all from these idiots.  Babies filling hospitals OD’ing on pot, violent potheads stressing the police forces and all kinds of BS.  Bring forth these people, I don’t believe it…

I wish I knew how this was going to play out.  We are up against a criminal thug enterprise called the “police”, being controlled by a bunch of corrupt officials in Lansing that have clearly decided to terrorize the people.   How can it be that our local elected officials do everything in their power to be part of this, forcing them to suffer, and turn a blind eye to the destruction being inflicted on their neighbors?  For a plant?  Yes, a plant that has NEVER harmed a single human in the history of man.  Is this what we have become?

And please stop sticking guns in my wife’s face, I beg you.  She is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 15 and has never intentionally stepped on a bug in her entire life.  She will not harm anyone, even juiced up thugs, I promise.  I bet my life on that. 

Thank you,
Frank James
Veronica (Ms. V)’s husband.
AllWell Natural Health

p.s.  I wanted to thank the mayor
for promising us all an ordinance behind
closed doors and throwing us all under
the bus.  You are a stand up individual.

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